10.2015 - 01.2016

Creative Director and Experience Strategist

Scope of Work:
Strategy, UX/UI, Advertising, Marketing, Identity, Campaign, Experience Design

Intergrated Campaign 



The Challenges

After the financial crisis, American Express was having a hard time convincing millennials to engage and apply for an American Express card, which in the past had been a rite of passage into adulthood, a sign that one was financially successful and responsible with money.

The Action and Planning

Zync was a unique offering to millennials. The card was designed to let the user pick packs based on a lifestyle and affinity that gave rewards and benefits based on things they liked or purchased regularly.

As Creative Director, I managed the teams through strategy, copy, UX/UI, visual design, and logo design. developing a total-package campaign that worked seamlessly through multiple channels and partnerships to generate awareness and drive to a landing page. Prospects were led through a frictionless funnel to apply for the unique American Express card that complimented their lifestyle via music, food, fashion, and more.

The Results

Through partnerships, American Express Zync created a huge amount of social media buzz on Twitter and Facebook. The partnerships and fans shared their enthusiasm for Zync by posting hundreds of photos, which garnered the campaign an exponential amount of earned media impressions. By providing applicants with a great user and engagement experience, they were able to learn about Zync and apply in an easy way.

American Express Zync saw a huge surge in applicants, with over half a million submissions in the first two months of the program alone, surpassing expectations. The Zync program also picked up a million Facebook likes through the partnership programs and social word of mouth.


After an applicant qualified for Zync, they were able to add, change or adjust their packs within a hassle-free user experience. The modern, intuitive interface easily and quickly helped guide users through the rewards and offers information unique to each pack.

Mobile App



The Challenge

Dailywish teams up with great brands to give Cardmembers exclusive access to handpicked offers at amazing prices and savings. The app lets them find everything from electronics and fashion to travel packages, one-of-a-kind experiences, and much more. Just remember offers go on a first-come, first-served basis, so you have to be quick! 

American Express came to Digitas to evolve their existing online shopping to mobile in order to support their rapid expansion in new markets, and match pace with their current competors such as Gilt Groupe. Dailywish had many partners and three sales per week and needed to deliver a solution that navigated the maze of multiple partners and non-mobile-optimized check-out experiences, creating a seamless and easy to use e-commerce experience for DailyWish customers

The Planning

The team and I started with an exploration of primary usage scenarios, then began rapidly wireframing and testing the user flows in order to define key layouts, interaction patterns, and time-lag scenarios.


The Results

The team and I were able to deliver a solution that navigated the maze of multiple partners and non-mobile-optimized check-out experiences, creating a seamless and easy to use e-commerce experience for DailyWish customers. The launch was so successful that it was downloaded over 300,000 times in the first month, and this number grew exponentially.

Sales increased by 273%

Other Project

American Express and Delta Partnership

Fly Forward

Delta Card users only incentive to access the site was to check their balance and miles per spend. The bounce rate was less than a minute. American Express Delta division came to Digitas for a solution to help card users learn how to earn more miles and engage the user longer. The team and I came up with a solution to show inspirational travel destinations and click-to-buy Dailywish offer using interactive  tools to visually illustrate spend  vs.  millage. The results led to instant purchases,  increased spending, more miles earned, and more planned travel destinations.


My Card Can

By creating a better user experience for the My Card Can, customers were able to apply in an easy, no-hassle way. American Express and Delta saw a huge surge in applicants, with over 700 submissions in the first two months of the program, surpassing the previous year's results in just 60 days. The My Card Can program has been so successful, it is still running, further spreading the word of the website and making this a huge success for American Express and Delta initiative.