2020 - 2022

Chief Creative and Marketing Officer

Scope of Work:
Branding, Visual | Packing Design, and Social Marketing


The Challenge

During my career break travels, I was in Mexico City when COVID broke, I decided not to return to New York City. Instead, I stayed and partnered with a talented Le Cordon Bleu culinary chef to start a ghost kitchen. We developed many delicious recipes while in lock-down, but only friends and family were buying. We needed to take our delicious, nutritious broth to the next level, and like all new small businesses we needed to be creative to market out tasty creations to a wider consumer.


The Action and Planning

The bone broth trend was just getting started in Mexico City, and our customers were mainly bi-lingual, health-conscious, and a little vain about getting older so we decided on a brand name that was simple, active, and in part English. 

I began with an umbrella brand "SiP & Nibble" and created a design system for all the other brands to follow. Our marketing allocation was limited so we focused mainly on Instagram and Google ads where we got the most sales and traffic from our ad budget.

The Results

The results were astounding based on our limited ad budget. By running a brand and engagement ad at the same time we were able to build our following from zero to 10k in less than six months. Our customers loved our posts of recipes and health tips, and always commented on how stylish we made bone broth.