Do you remember when the Dancing Baby was popular? Well my work and experience dates that far back.

Take a trip back in time and view the work I did for AOL, Nickelodeon, Marvel Comics, and more.



Microsoft Ad Center

Ad Center was part of a direct mail program to increase awarness and engagment for Micorsoft's loyalty customers. The rich, lively, colorful data and graph experience allowed the users to better understand how their keywords were performing and how to make adjustment to better optomize and personalize. The result were a 150% increased engagements and 60% increase in new keyword buys.

Role: Associate Creative Director



Nationwide was looking to streamline their current site and align with their new brand guidelines and voice. The brief was clear, simplify the site structure, make the new brand message clear, and drive insurance quotes faster.

Role: Associate Creative Director


Guinness was part of an intergrated campaign, the site experience was designed to help Guinness fans gear up and get ready for St. Patrick's Day by learning tips, stafey, historical facts about Guinness and St. Patrick's Day, and it's brewing process from start to pour. The site's content series was told by brewmaster Fergal Murray. Fergal taught how to give the prefect pour, gave a virtial tour of the brewery, and spoke to how the barley was roasted to a perfectly balanced flavour then hops and yeast were added to ensure the beer was perfectly fermented and charged with the flavour that's makes Guinness famous across the globe.

Role: Associate Creative Director


Bravia TV's was best in class product and Sony wanted a rich, engaging, interative site to prove it. The site was built to help users understand the technology that made the Bravia TV the best on the market by breaking down and simplifying every aspects of the product in a side-by-side and pixels by pixel interactve comparisons. The site help drive sales up 32%

Role: Design Director



Bank of America

Bank of America has a rich history in America's banking industry since the early 17th hundreds and wanted to share that story in a fun and engaging way. The site included an interactive content such as a timeline of American banking history, a family tree connecting BOA to it's banking roots, eras of details stories elaborating BOA's banking history, and how BOA helps and works within communities.

Role: Design Director


A&E Networks

A&E needed a new a promo to promote their new shows for the spring season. The brief was clear and straight forward— make the promo look and feel like spring.  I worked closely with the producer on art direction, design, titles, and animation to come up with a concept that made you feel as if you were walking through a spring garden.

Role: Art Director / Animator




During my time at AOL, I was part of the team that helped move AOL away from the walled garden dail-up client and towards the open web.  I worked on many products and verticals such as the Music Channel and AOL Cityguide which was a local search services to help users find local information like restaurants, local events, and directory listings.

Role: Sr. Art/UX Director


Statue of Liberty

After 9/11 the Statue of Liberty was closed for obvious security reasons and the one of the main priorities was to upgrade and better guide tourist to and from the location safely and clearly. I was tasked to concept and design the digial infromation boards communicating Tours and Frerry Schedules that would update the infromation in real-time. I worked closey with the National Park Service and National Security to ensure infromation was current and clear so tourist could enjoy our most recognized symbol of freedom and democracy.

Role:  Art Director



SciFi needed an end page animation that could communicate quickly, and evoked the movie's havoc explosive tone of Earth's destruction.

Role: Art Director / Animator


Fuse needed a hip and fresh look and feel for its interstitial, lower thirds, and end pages. I worked closely with the producers to concept, and refine the visuals and animations.

Role: Art Director / Animator

Fuse: OvenFresh

Fuse need a promo for OvenFresh, a show that showcased upcoming bands and let the viewers decide on what vidoes were best. I worked closely with the producers to concept, design, and animate.

Role: Art Director / Animator



At Nickelodeon I determined the look-and-feel of the entire site plus, and Managed and directed a cast of talented creative designers to greatness which won a Webby Award for Best TV Site. Established design parameters, user interface standards, style guides and visual standards as well as conceptualized, initiated and designed dynamic interactive features to increase site traffic. Established in-house production of on-air spots for site promotion, and was solely responsible for design and execution of promos.

Role: Design Director




At Marvel I Art Directed, Managed, and Supervised exclusive Marvel Comics online website. Duties included managing team of designers, illustrator, colorist, programmers and animator’s nation-wide. Made sure art and production deadlines were met for weekly schedule.

Aside from managing Marvel’s website, I also Art Directed, Managed, and Supervised Marvel’s weekly exclusive (AOL) Cyber-Comics which was recognized and shown on ABC’s tech news as “beyond the comic”.

Role: Art Director


CyberComics were created by Marvel in the summer of 1996 as a part of a promotional deal with America Online. The CyberComics were placed into the AOL/Marvel Zone and were exclusively available to AOL users. In 1997 Marvel built their own website at and the CyberComics were freely available to all users through registration on (due to the contract with AOL).